The Green Room: All About Greener Living in Miami

Have you heard of “The Green Room” yet? I became a certified EcoBroker about a year ago and created a green-minded business networking group called The Green Room. The group is growing stronger by the day with over 70 members and it has been a lot of fun working on bringing together eco-friendly service and product providers in Miami. We are really attracting people and their businesses from all over south Florida that can contribute to greener living. Examples are LEED certified green building consultants, green kitchen designers, environmental building inspectors, energy rater etc. Our latest video clip just came out. If you watch these six minutes you will get an idea of what we do.

I’m excited to see the increased focus on ’going green’ and I am now well-positioned to be a resource for my clients in this new facet of the real estate business.

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