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Nevin Shapiro another ponzi schemer (these guys are too much) has his house on the market at 5380 North Bay Road, Miami Beach. In February of this year it was on the market for a 10.5 million but it has been reduced to a mere 5.9 million. Its the best buy on the water on North Bay Road with over  6400 interior sq. footage, pool, totally renovated, and almost 80 feet on the wide bay.  The government is seizing and selling his assets. I always wonder with these guys, how much is enough? Can you possibly drive 8 cars at one time or live in 5 different houses or wear all that jewlery? What are they thinking? Hey, this isn’t the 90’s! You’re better off driving a smart car. Now thats impressive!

Look out Florida…here comes Arizona. I don’t mean cactus and cowboy boots but the Arizona immigration law. Republican leaders have begun to craft an anti immigration law which would allow police to ask suspects for their legal residency. They say they are trying to encourage legal immigration, but is that what it really does? This has become an issue that has  everyone talking and everyone has an opinion. Whats yours?

Kudos to all those who took part in the Hands Across the Sand this past weekend. This was a peaceful demonstration against offshore drilling and for renewable energy sources. There were groups throughout Miami Beach. They were on 13th street as well as 50 st and joined 24 countries who were participating in this project.

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