Downtown Miami Sales Report – August 2016

Welcome to our latest monthly sales report for August 2016! Our reports take pleasure in including all the sales of each individual building in the Downtown Miami area. If you’re interested in a personal copy or would like an extensive report on any of the featured developments call us today at 305-305-3885 or email us at [email protected] 

I’m excited to talk about August because as a whole, it was a very dynamic period in our marketplace. To begin, it is the first month out of the year where I noticed more sales among the higher price ranges. Out of the 31 properties that sold in the Downtown Miami area last month,  over 70% of them were units that sold for over $350,000. Furthermore, over 30% of those units were listings  priced for $500,000 or more.

Please visit The Miami Observer today to read our full report!

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