Can Miami Beach’s neighborhoods benefit from the Power of Dog Poop?


While walking my dogs along upper North Bay Road and The Pine Tree Drive Circle neighborhoods I was admiring the landscaping and front yards of our most Luxurious Miami Beach Homes… then I went to grab a few of the doggie poop bags from the container by the Pine Tree Circle Park which I use to pick up my dog’s poop, as it is required by law.

The “pick up your dog poop law” never made much sense to me.

I have always equated dog poop with its fertilizing advantages. Sure it may be a little smelly in between, but before the dog poop baggy is picked up by the garbage man the original freshly dropped dog poop disintegrates and disappears into the ground forever.

It has always made little sense to me to put a bio degradable substance, like dog poop, into a synthetic non-biodegradable plastic bag; thereby creating yet a bigger mess.

There was a great article posted recently about an initiative in the San Francisco Bay Area which is turning dog poop into power.

I also wonder if the relationship between some of the most beautiful lawns and yards along homes on North Bay Road could be due to the fertilizing effects of dog poop and their owner’s violation of the “pick up your dog poop law”.

For all of those who walk their dogs by my house, please feel free to violate the law on my lawn….I do not mind it at all… on the contrary, I have nightmares featuring mountains of trash made out of dog poop filled baggies.

Maybe the “pick up your dog poop law” shall be reversed to allow dogs to poop anywhere there is not a sign to the contrary, (after all Miami Beach is big into signs!).

I found this sign in front of a beautifully manicured vacant lot along North Bay Road, one of Miami Beach’s most beautiful residential streets. I wonder why the owner of this property minds if a dog was to poop in their vacant land?

Dog poop is fresh, organic, abundant and most important a bio degradable fertilizer!


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