An Idea For 2011 … How To Live A Happier and Still Productive Life

Aarhus canalDid you ever wonder if the people sitting in the cafes in Paris, Florence,Naples,Positano or even Amsterdam…have jobs, have work they must do, have houses to clean, have children to look after, have deadlines to meet?  How can they be enjoying that third cup of coffee and leaning back to get the suns rays and still make money to live.

Here, in America, we have to go to Europe to enjoy that cup of coffee in a cafe, when we take a brief  vacation after traveling miles and walking through a multitude of airport corridors.

The Art of Living is truly a talent.  To be happy and still be productive, we have to stop looking at the clock….stop rushing to the next appointment, and enjoy the moment.  Take the time to be with your family, enjoy a great book, watch the sunrise and sunset.

All this rushing about makes us old before our time, stressed out so that we don’t sleep at night (look at all the ads for sleep remedies) have stomach troubles (Tums is a great seller)and many suffer burn out on the job so they can’t really go on.

Everything has its’ time and place.  There is a time to work and a time to play and we have to learn how to tell the difference.


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