What's For Sale In Snapper Creek Lakes?


When you enter Snapper Creek Lakes you feel as if you are in another world.  It is certainly the furthest thing from the crowded McMansions that you see in many other South Florida neighborhoods.  The lot sizes are large (averaging 50,000 square feet) and the homes are sprawling (all the way up to 15,000 square feet).  There have been 9 homes sold in this gated community in 2010.  3 of these were lake or lagoon front which sold at an average of $2,730,000 or $418.00 per foot.  The other 6 which were not located on the water sold at an average of $2,194,000 or $398.00 per foot.

Currently in Snapper Creek Lakes there are 12 homes for sale.  6 of these homes are located on lakes or lagoons while the other 6 are non-waterfront.  Prices range from $1,625,000 all the way up to $10,999,000.   The home with the lowest “price per square foot” on the market in Snapper Creek Lakes is located at 10800 Old Cutler Road.  They are asking $1,850,000 or $298.00 per sq. ft.  When you take a look at the average price per square foot in Snapper Creek Lakes ($400 per sq. ft.) you can see that this one is offered at quite a discount.  To view pictures and information on the homes currently for sale in Snapper Creek Lakes click here.

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